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Ebook?  Me write an ebook?  Yes, at first it may seem rather daunting.  However, creating your OWN product will boost your online presence tremendously.  The ebook will be unique to you and no-one else.  You can even sell it or offer other marketers to give it away with your links in it. Making money online with your own product is bound to give you a personal sense of satisfaction.

Right - the first thing you need to do is decide on the topic you are going to write about. This is probably the most daunting step.  It is advisable to opt for a topic you at least know something about. Brainstorm. Use keyword search tools to determine the popularity of the topic in search engines.

1)  Once you have decided on a subject write out a list of all the important topics relating to that subject.  Example - Under Losing Weight your sub heading may be: eating habits, diets, discipline, healthy food, portion sizes, regular meals etc

2)  Next, list these sub-headings and write a paragraph of between 400 - 600 words of valuable information on each one.  You may have to do some research for more information, but try and write from the heart first.

3) Once you are done, arrange your work in chronological order.

5) Write an introductory paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.

6) You may include an index page if you wish.  I would probably opt to compile the index page towards the end. However, you may feel it is better to do it before you start writing your unique, valuable information and advice.

7) Proofread your whole composition and perhaps give it to a friend to do the same.

8) Now you will want to convert the book into a PDF. (Portable Document Format). For this you will need a PDF writer and a PDF converter, both of which you can download for free from the web. If I may recommend one - CUTE PDF is a reliable one however there are many you can choose from.

9) Find a publisher and submit your work to him/her.

Right my friend, now you are ready to market your product.  What a great feeling!  Your own unique product.  Spread the word.  Create a squeeze page where your visitors can sign up to receive your product.  If you want to build a list I would suggest you give the product away free.  However, that is entirely your decision.  You may want to make your ebook rebrandable, which means your prospects can put their link on each page of the ebook.  If you do that, you could perhaps sell the ebook for a fair price.

Once you have built a list you will be in a position to promote products/services to your prospects and start making money online. 

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Ebook - Creating Your Own Product

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This article was published on 2010/03/29