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Essay writing is something that can be fun with if you are well-prepared and well organized in your writings. When you are given a topic to write an essay about, then:


Your essay writing can never be successful and perfect, if you do not do a good research on the topic. Collect and create an information “bank” about the topic of essay writing with you. Feeling perplexed? If you feel trouble in searching for the right material, divide your topic in parts and ask yourself questions like, “what do I know about it”, “where should I get information about it?”, “how should I move forward?” and finally “What material should I choose”? Go through quickly on all the material and information available with you and then make a plan of your perfect English essay.


Make a short plan as how you are going to approach the topic with the help of your information bank. When you first start thinking of a topic, you get jumbled ideas coming from all the directions to your mind. A good research help you plan for your essay writing attempt. Plan for everything for a perfect English essay. Compile your notes, plan for timings, think of introduction to your topic, and make plans to collect material for the body of essay, think of conclusion and then plan for review. The stronger the planning, the better will be the organization in your essay.


In essay writing, proposal is the core or central part. A good and well-organized proposal will lead to a successful and perfect essay while a disruptive approach to proposal will lead to a disastrous end even though you possess a top quality writing material through your research. Proposal is the foundation of essay writing, so work hard on it and if you are able to do it in a proper way, half of the job is done.

Start Writing:

When you have researched material with you either physically or in the form of ideas with you, you have planned for everything for essay writing and your proposal is ready, start writing. It is most likely that you forget or miss some of the important points if you don’t really start writing. Don’t worry; you have already planned for your review of essay therefore, you are not going to mess up with words at the end.

Have a look at the finished product:

Now is the time to actually fine tune your finished product. Remember, you already planned time for your review and your proposal is with you. You have already transferred your ideas and your material in the form of black and white, your words are in solid shape and you are fine tuning them now. Go through your material thoroughly and it is the time to transform your material in proper and perfect essay. Look for introductory part and verify that it serves the purpose. Go to the main body of your writing and see everything relevant there and we still have to look at the conclusion, so wait for that before we put some extras in our perfect English essay.

Review and re-insert and correct to make it perfect:

Finally read through your essay writing, make notice of bad grammar use, correct it, run spell check, avoid any awkward wording, change or replace any mismatched words or phrases, check for general sloppiness and check for coherency and natural flow of ideas. You essay writing must go through these recommended steps to be transformed from an ordinary essay to a perfect English essay writing. 


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Essay Writing Tips to Write Perfect English Essay

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Essay Writing Tips to Write Perfect English Essay

This article was published on 2011/02/22