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For many beginning freelance writers, or individuals who want to break into freelance writing, getting started is often the hardest part. If you've never made a sale, this process can be very intimidating. For freelance writers looking to get started, there are several things to consider.

First, what type of writing do you want to do? What kind of writing do you have experience writing? Being a niche expert can be a very good way of making enough of a name for yourself to score some higher paying jobs, but that takes time to build up, and being a writer who can take on any type of writing can also help you find work and lead to a higher income.

A second consideration is what you're looking for. Are you only interested in a part time income, or do you need this to be a full time profession? Below are some helpful tips to for you to write an article well.

Tip 1: Teaching by doing. - Is the author teaching by doing? Has he done any of the stuff that he teaches in the article writing jobs online guide? If not, how does he know whether the methods work or not? Make sure you buy from the genuine experts. These are people who have tried and tested all the methods, and they are sharing with their customers their best experiences - those that really work.

Tip 2: Shows you how to be more productive. - You want to invest in a guide that shows you how to write faster. It's a fact - numbers DO matter. The more content you can produce, the more traffic you will receive (assuming you are doing everything right). The guide should teach you how to type faster, how to generate ideas for your articles, how to manage your time, etc.

Tip 3: Guide must show you how to generate traffic. - Being able to write fast is not enough. Your ultimate objective is to be able to generate highly targeted traffic (i.e. traffic that will lead to sales). So it's not all about generating content. The content must generate page views, which leads to more clicks. When you get clicks from targeted readers, you have a chance of making sales.

Write at least one page of general topics that interest you, then weed out the most interesting ones. Narrow it down to three or four. Then write those three or four topics on top of brand new pages. Now fill up those pages with specific article angles. Just write. Don’t edit yourself. Don’t judge. Just write whatever pops into your head. If you need motivation, play it like a game of “Scattergories.” Set a timer for ten minutes. See how many ideas you can jot down before the timer sounds.

Keep in mind that there are markets for almost any conceivable topic. Don’t limit yourself to the headlines you’d read in “Vogue” and “Good Housekeeping.” Between newspapers, consumer magazines, trade magazines, e-zines, tabloids, literary journals, and more, you’re bound to find an appropriate publication for your Big Idea.

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Freelance Article Writing Guides

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Freelance Article Writing Guides

This article was published on 2011/08/03