Hear Him Out In Those Sorry Letters

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It’s not about forgetting what you did. It’s not about running away from your problems in order to get rid of them. It’s all about fixing the problem and starting all over again. Sometimes, you have to be brave enough to face your mistakes and do what’s right. It may entail a lot from you especially if you are at fault but remember that this will soon be over. Apologizing could start one simple statement, “I’m sorry”. If you wish to make things easy, don’t run away from your mistakes. Instead, facing them will help you end your agony. If in case you need a little push, let sorry letters work their way through.

Sometimes, our emotions get so intense that we lose control over some things. In those cases, perhaps apologies could be a little too late. But remember it is better to have apologized a little bit late than just forget all the things you have done. You don’t have sound defensive because the main objective of your sorry letter is to let the person know that you are indeed apologetic for your mistakes.

Dear Friend,

I know you may think of me now as your enemy. I could not blame you because I know I have given you so many reasons to hate me. Hear me out for there are so many things I would like to tell you. First of which, I would like to apologize for everything. I wish I could let you know in person how horrible I am for having offended you yesterday. I know I could no longer take back those hurtful words I told you. This is way I am apologizing for all the mistakes I have done. I hope you can still forgive me for everything I have caused you. Again, I am deeply sorry for all the pain I have caused you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Friend

You may have doubts in writing sorry letters but this could actually be your best resort knowing that the person you have offended is still furious about everything. Never get scared for the only way to make amends is to conquer your own fear.

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Hear Him Out In Those Sorry Letters

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Hear Him Out In Those Sorry Letters

This article was published on 2011/11/17