How to brainstorm Your Way to Information Marketing Success

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So you don't think you have any information which would be of use to others?

Think again

Whatever stage you are at in your information gathering you will always find someone who knows less than you! So how do you capitalise on your knowledge to build an information marketing empire?

There are several stages and we will take each in turn. So let us brainstorm our way to success.

The first thing to do is to sit down and write out all your past experience. That is every job/career that you have had, every hobby that you have pursued and all your personal interests now and in the past.

What is the difference between a hobby and a personal interest? A hobby is something you do primarily for enjoyment whereas a personal interest could be affiliation to a particular church group, political party etc. Of course I hope you also get enjoyment from your church or political party but I'm sure you get my drift.

Having written down all the above you then look at each area to see if any ideas come to mind. Be sure to not be judgemental at this stage. Just record all the areas where you have some knowledge.

The next stage is to identify areas of high profit opportunity. The best way to consider this is to ask yourself the following questions:-

"What important goals do I think the people interested in this area want to achieve?"

"What are the most serious problems the people are likely to have to overcome?"

The third stage is to start judging each idea
You now have to determine which ideas are worth investing time in and which should be discarded.
One way to achieve this is to ask yourself whether or not you can write solutions to the problems or goals that people want to accomplish.

You will often find that your experience in a particular subject enables you to write something unique. This is often just what people are looking for, a personal angle. By writing from your own personal experiences you are giving a new perspective to a problem/goal that probably an "expert" on the subject doesn't have.

Using other peoples knowledge:

There is nothing stopping you from studying your topic further to get ideas from other people.
I don't mean that you should copy someone else's article verbatim but by studying your subject in more detail will give you further ideas to incorporate into your writings.

This, of course will make you more of an expert!
So don't be put off by your apparent lack of knowledge in your subject. You will find that as the ideas begin to flow you will realise that you are more of an expert in the field than you thought.
So give it a whirl.

You never know where it might lead!
It might be the start of another Zulu principle.

What is the Zulu principle?

A very well known investor when he was still at school in South Africa was given a project to write.
He decided to write about the Zulu nation but soon discovered that there was virtually no information available.

So he approached the elders of the nation and had interviews with them and then filed his project.

This schoolboy actually then became the acknowledged expert on the Zulu nation!

YOU can do it!

John Beaumont
Internet Marketer

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How to brainstorm Your Way to Information Marketing Success

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This article was published on 2010/09/27