Make Money Online - Write and Sell Ebooks Faster by Using These 6 Dead Simple, Time-Tested Tactics

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I have written over 45 ebooks in just under 5 years time and in 2 of those years, I took off six months so really we are talking about an average of 10 ebooks a year.

Now that we got the credentials part out of the way and you realize I know what I am talking about when it comes to writing ebooks fast, it is time to show you the 6 steps for replicating my success.

1. Write About Popular Ebook Topics - If you are looking to make money online, you are going to want to focus where people are spending money. People are spending money against the biggest and most popular topics - weight loss, how to make money online, finding love, getting in shape, managing wealth, starting a home business.

You get the point. To figure out what topic to go after, do the following two things:

1. Visit Amazon.comand look through the non-fiction bestseller list. What topics are you interested in? Click on a few of the books and see what other books are suggested and referenced. Perhaps you will decide to buy a few for research.

2. Visit Clickbank.comand look through their bestseller list. Redundant? No, Clickbank only sells digital products so you get to see what the hottest selling ebooks are. Find what appeals to you.

Hopefully it is an area you already know a little about because we do not want you to waste time doing research. That is for the folks with writer's block and empty bank accounts!

Now you have a starting point - a hot topic to write about.

2. Focused Research - Get the Abridged Version, Not the Encyclopedia - If you do not know much about your topic, you will have to do some research. Avoid the temptation to do tons of research and definitely do not spend your time buying books, ebooks and trolling through the internet for more than a day or two.

Focus on finding one or two of the bestselling ebooks on the topic and the top online forum. Print out the ebooks and read through them. Jot down what they teach and see what you can apply to your product.

Once you have done this, hit the online forums and copy and paste the most frequently asked questions into a Word document. You now have a list of the top things people have problems with within the niche.

3. Focus on Solving a Specific Problem Not the Kitchen Sink - Within the topic area (niche) you just chose, pick one main problem that people are having or complaining about. By focusing in on a particular problem within the niche, you can charge more for your ebook and actually write less than most people who take the kitchen sink approach.

The kitchen sink approach (a major no-no by the way) is when you write about anything and everything you can think of on the topic. If you do this, you will never finish your ebook. Speaking of which...

4. Create Your System - Focus on coming up with a hook or a cool way of solving the problem. What you want is a 3-step, 5-step or 7-step system that people will follow in order to solve the problem. This lends a level of credibility to your ebook and it also improves the odds of your readers succeeding. Why? All they have to do is follow the steps and they succeed!

Bonus Tip - Remember to give your method a memorable name - think 8 Minute Abs or Fat Loss for Idiots.

5. Add Sub-Steps to Your System - Once you have the main steps people have, you need to add in some additional items. You can fill in a few points you want to cover. Once you have done this, you will realize that you just created your outline to fill in during the writing process. This list also doubles as your Table of Contents that you will write from.

6. Write the Bare Bones, Not Like Stephen King - You do not need to write long and lengthy sections under each of the sub-topics in your outline. Focus on writing great answers and providing the content that people can immediately use.

Keep your writing simple and straightforward. There is no need to write 100 pages. You can write a 25 to 40-page ebook and your readers will love it if you provide the help and solution to their problems that you promised to solve for them.

There is always your second, third or fourth ebook to get into other sub-topics in your niche. For now give them the good stuff and solve a specific problem they have as quickly as possible and you will have a bestseller on your hands.

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Make Money Online - Write and Sell Ebooks Faster by Using These 6 Dead Simple, Time-Tested Tactics

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This article was published on 2010/04/03