Wedding Speeches for the Father of the Groom

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A son is a father's joy. He is willing witness to his son's many milestones: the first smile, the first tooth, the first step, the first homerun. In fact, in many of a son's endeavor, the father would always want to be there. A son is the father's reflection.

The wedding is another milestone to a son's life that will be witnessed by a father. Unlike other milestones however where he is only an audience, a father at this special time, is usually given the opportunity to make a speech for the bride and groom.

A father's speech on his son's wedding is an emotionally-laden speech, filled after years of caring and nurturing his son. However, sometimes, fathers have difficulty expressing all the emotions he feel for his son and his bride.

With, a father will have access to templates of father of the groom speeches which he can use to mold his own speech for his son's special day.

In purchasing, one will receive twenty examples of father of the groom speeches, not to mentions numerous samples of Toasts and jokes that can be used to set the mood of the reception.

With the purchase filled with numerous examples of father of the groom speeches, there is a guarantee that the speech to be made will be as professionally written as this example:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am John, Jimmy's father. As it is traditional for the fathers of the newlyweds to welcome the guests, I have no choice but the stand in front of all of you and make you suffer for a few minutes so that I can roast our children on their first day of being husband and wife. For this reason, I am also pointing out where the men's room and the ladies' room are in case you suffer verbal diarrhea.

I cannot believe that it has been twenty eight years since Jimmy and I first met. He was then a seven pound bald baby who looked at me with joyful eyes as if he understands all the gooing and coochi-coochi-cooing that I did to catch his attention.

In every milestone in Jimmy's life, I was there. Well, except for his first kiss, as he wouldn't let me (chuckles).

As a father, I know when my son is happy or when he is sad. When he was a kid, Jimmy and I would share milk and chocolate chip cookies whenever his baseball team win or lose a game. Now that Jimmy is a grown man, what we share now are beer and potato chips whenever something important happens to his life. Terry, I think it is time to tell you that Jimmy was happily drunk after you agreed to be his beau.

Jimmy told me nothing but wonderful things about Terry. For Jimmy, Terry is the thoughtful, kind hearted and loving woman he had long been searching for. I am happy that my son found the happiness that he deserves.

I believe everybody will agree with me when I say Terry looks stunning in her wedding gown. My son is a lucky man to have Terry for a wife.

I wish both of you nothing but the best. Oh, and give me grandchildren quick!


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Wedding Speeches for the Father of the Groom

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Wedding Speeches for the Father of the Groom

This article was published on 2012/02/28