Why do People Plagiarize

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Plagiarism is a serious problem in academic settings everywhere. There are various reasons as to why many students opt for plagiarism considering the harmful consequences it can cause such as suspension or expulsion from the college. Plagiarism is such a big problem that appropriate technology is still not there to detect various types of plagiarisms. The purpose of this article is to highlight some points that encourage students to plagiarize academic content. Below are some points provided for you to learn why students plagiarize.

Lack of Management Skills

When students reach college level they have so much pressure and burden of other important activities that the idea of writing lengthy academic papers overwhelms them and they look for easier means to have their papers completed such as plagiarism. They may lack proper time management skills and they may procrastinate their pending writing assignments only to be completed in rush once the deadline comes nearer so they opt to plagiarize to avoid getting a low grade and to maintain their average to a point where they can easily get through to the next level.

Poor Writing Skills

Some students may lack appropriate writing skills where they may fail to provide sound logical arguments along with solid evidence backed by facts and figures to convince the audience. With these kinds of problems they look for plagiarism as an easy way out.

No matter what the reasons plagiarism will always remain highly unacceptable to the academic community to promote honest learning. What students can do is work really hard to get over the shortcomings such as poor time management skills and writing skills. They need to be well organized and plan their writing assignments so that they remain on the right track and avoid the vicious disease in shape of plagiarism.

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Why do People Plagiarize

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This article was published on 2010/11/04